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We still intend to do good things to help Dover even though we did not win the Portas Pilot funding


Thoughts and inspiration are invited from all!


Launch of Doverís Bluebird Market

Tuesday 6th November 2012

From 9:am onwards

The Town Team is determined to press ahead with as many of the ideas and initiatives which were developed for the bids as can be funded! We have already secured money and other contributions to start a weekly Tuesday street market, with smart new stalls and high quality established vendors.We really hope that you are able to attend and support the market, across the UK there are examples of Town Centres being revitalised by their presence.As well as local people, we hope that visitors from out of town can give a much needed boost to the independent shops in Dover.

Come along, enjoy the buzz and vitality of a bustling street market, barter with the stallholders, give yourself a little treat and a much needed boost to Dover Town Centre.

If you are interested in running a stall then contact the Town Team by e-mail, or by phone 07754 145551


If you were actually looking for Dover Town Council please use this link: