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Dover is one of the most beautiful places in England. It is a port town which is near a narrow point in the channel. It has one of the largest castles in the country perched on the cliffs. They have very soft chalk burrowed tunnels which were used in the Napoleonic wars. Dover has some of the most beautiful places and activities to offer some of which we have mentioned.

White Cliffs

When you cross the channel, this is the first site one sees which is a Dover White Cliff raised to 110 metres. This is a cliff which is one of the reference points from Shakespeare’s King Lear to old sea shanties. The National Trust maintains these eastern cliffs. Getting up to the clifftops requires a tricky climb but is one of the best things as you can be awarded the view, which is one of the most beautiful sights to see.

Dover Castle

Dover Castle is England’s largest castle which commands the town and the port from the Dover’s Eastern Flank which has always been the country’s first line of defence. The roost has offered fortification from the iron age and is still a sight to see. The castle began to take its current design from 12th century after Henry II modified for artillery warfare for the Napoleonic wars. This castle became a military command centre in Second World War which conducted the withdrawal at Dunkirk complex.


Fan Bay Deep Shelter

A National Trust site which is just a couple of miles along the cliff is the system of tunnels which is now evacuated for an artillery battery. The battery was conducted to attack the axis vessels when travelling along the channel. The passages are pitch black but have lined corrugated steel which will allow you to explorer and tour. The tunnels are filled with forgotten National Trust in 2012 and started to remove the rubble. A place which shows you the forgotten National treasure which is open for the public.

St Margaret’s Bay

When you are halfway from Dover to Deal, you can descend a winding path in the gap which will allow you to find the cliffs for yourself which can allow you to get access to the glorious view of the cliffs. St Margaret’s Bay has a very small promenade backed by a small cafe and pub. There is also a resort which flourishes here and has been a stay fro figures like Lord Byron, Bond writers Ian Fleming and Noel Coward. This place is the place of inspiration for many from medieval times and has some of the most beautiful clifftops, which is also backed by small cafes and pubs.


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