Dover stands facing the France at the point closest to the European Continent just English Channel separating them. This is the location which has made its way to the town through strategic European History. Dover has one of the country’s most important port which is just a few miles away from the London. If you are looking to spend an enjoyable weekend Dover is the best place to be. Here are some experiences which will allow you to enjoy Dover.

Dover Castle

Dover Castle is a medieval fortress which is called the Key of England. This is the largest Castle which can allow one to dominate the landscape of the town. This is one of the most beautiful structure which is 375 feet above sea level. The legend says that it was a wooden fortress built by William the Conqueror which can allow one to get the right 11th century approximately. This is a beautiful structure which will allow you to get access to the castle and White Cliffs.


Tunnels and Battlements at Dover Castle

The tunnels under the Dover Castle was built around 12th century which will allow you to understand the long siege with France. The history also suggests that the tunnels were used for Second World War. You can easily take the long walk to the battlements and can allow one to take it weaponry which changed over time. He also extended the outer bailey which stands tight till the cliffs around 20 towers. The Castle overall became more formidable and used as a strategic important from the Britain’s sovereignty.

South Foreland Lighthouse

The English Channel is home to the infamous Goodwin Sands which is hidden under the sea which still shows light to many ships. Legend also says that lighthouse which can allow one to guide them safely through this strait. This was the first structure was probably built in the 17th century. It is also famous for the Goodwin Sands which is marked by the illuminated buoys after they went out of business.

Maison Dieu House

The Maison Dieu House is believed to be one of the oldest domestic building in the year which was built around 1660s. The origin of its name began much more earlier as it was before accommodated by the pilgrims who rested in the house before they visit the Shrine. Later, Maison Dieu House was converted into the resident for naval officers. This building changed hands and had many functions multiple times. Later, it became a private residence for a good part of the 19th century. During WWII the public library was destroyed and this place became a functioning temporary library.


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